Alberta Indigenous Solar and Community Energy Programs

October 6, 2016

On October 5th, 2016, the Alberta Government launched The Alberta Indigenous Solar Program and Community Energy Program. The programs will provide grants to Alberta Indigenous communities and organizations to support solar energy systems and energy efficiency on facilities owned by communities or organizations of the First Nations people.

Growing Forward 2 Solar PV Incentive is Announced

February 5, 2016

Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Solar PV program was announced today. The program funding will apply to micro-generation sites, where generated solar power will be used to offset the farm power consumption. The focus of this incentive will be on supporting both the environmentally friendly energy generation and energy efficiency.

Solar Powered Carport

January 10, 2014

Solar carport will generate for a homeowner electricity for many years to come. For a city home with an average annual power consumption a double car carport can generate as much as a household consumes over the year. That means, throughout a year the solar carport can offset 100% the power bill energy charge.

Capture Price of Solar vs Wind in Alberta

November 8, 2013

Positive correlation between Alberta hourly pool prices and hourly solar generation results in solar capturing higher prices than an average power pool price. In fact, the power pool naturally observes higher power demands from businesses during a daytime.

Solar for Edmonton Community Leagues

May 1, 2013

Dandelion Renewables is installing this week solar power systems on 4 community leagues in Edmonton: Rossdale, Riverdale, West Jasper Place and Ritchie. Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and City of Edmonton contributed last year $110,000 to facilitate installation on seven community leagues and EFCL building as well.

Growing Forward 2 Program – On-Farm Energy Management

April 3, 2013

Another exciting Government of Alberta energy efficiency program has just been announced! The Growing Forward 2 program has launched On-Farm Energy Management which covers up to 50% of the cost of investments that improve energy efficiency on Alberta farms.

Saskpower Net Metering Rebate program

March 22, 2013

We are excited to spread the good word about the Saskpower Net Metering Rebate program! Saskpower is paying back 20% of the costs towards the installation of grid-connected environmentally friendly power.

Paradise Solar: Solar Power in tropics

March 10, 2013

While in Samoa, Dandelion Renewables in partnership with locals registered a satellite business under a name Paradise Solar Samoa. Many Western companies approached Samoan government with offers and suggestions, but Paradise Solar seems to be the first company to actually build a working commercial solar power system.

Solar Installers Forum at Alberta Solar Society

January 16, 2013

Come to join us for an interesting discussion at Grant MacEwan University – CN Theatre Rm 5-142 on January 23rd, 2013. Dandelion Renewables will present on permit fees for solar power installations across different Alberta municipalities.

Schletter pile driving technology in Alberta

October 16, 2012

One of the most cost effective ground mount solution for larger solar power farms is now tested in Alberta grounds. Gayk RAM and Schletter racking were shipped all the way from Tuscon, AZ. With such a great supplies and equipment our installations just fly.

New Regulations for Renewable Energy in Alberta

August 12, 2012

What could further facilitate spreading of the renewable energy to the fertile Alberta ground? As a development of new rebates, incentives and regulations for renewable energy is under way in Alberta Energy and City of Edmonton cabinets, we would like to share Dandelion Renewables thoughts on this question.

Alberta Solar PV Equipment Pilot Program

January 30, 2012

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development announced today a new Solar PV Equipment Pilot Program. The program is designed to fund new PV grid-tie installations for Alberta farmers running an agricultural operation with a minimum $10,000 annual gross agricultural income.

Membership in the Solar Energy Society of Alberta

January 28, 2012

Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) is a great local hub that unites many like-minded people. The society educates, promotes and leads the way to the sustainable development, energy conservation and wide-spread use of renewable energy.