Off-grid Solar

Why Off-Grid Living?

There are a variety of reasons that people choose to live off-grid, for some it make sense economically, others like the independence it provides, other still prefer it for the reduced environmental impact. Whatever your reasons Dandelion Renewables can design and install a system to suit your needs.

What is an Off-Grid PV System?

An off-grid system is a solar system that is not connected to the electric grid, these systems are most commonly used in remote locations but works well anywhere. Off-grid systems have a few more components than grid-tie systems, such as a charge controller, a battery bank, as well as optional monitoring and automation equipment. If properly designed these systems require only basic maintenance.

Living with an off-grid solar system will likely impact how and when you use electricity. As there is only as much power available as what has been generated by the solar system, once the battery bank has been depleted, if there is no back-up power source then there will be no power.

Off-Grid Design

Off-grid PV system design differs substantially from the design of a grid-tie system. Each project has to be carefully planned around the home’s daily and seasonal electrical usage, as well as daily and seasonal availability of the sun. The PV system must be able to keep the battery bank charged, we also frequently recommend having a back-up generator. Severing your electrical connection is not something that should be done lightly.

Benefits of Off-Grid PV Systems

  • Off-grid solar can be a financially viable solution for sites with high interconnection costs or locations where power generation and consumption can be automated
  • There is no power bill, off-grid owners do not experience the price spikes and additional transmission charges that grid-tie users will face
  • Off-grid systems are in influenced when there is a power outage
  • Solar systems generally help to improve energy efficiency by putting electricity generation and consumption in the owner’s hands

Shortfalls of Off-Grid PV Systems

  • Off-grid systems are more expensive than either a grid-tie system or simply being connected to the electric grid
  • Maintenance is crucial in off-grid systems and mistakes can lead to premature replacement of parts such as batteries
  • There is a negative environmental impact from most batteries