Operations and maintenance (O&M) are an important aspects of the solar facility life cycle. Why should you care? Damaged wires, loose connections or dirty modules can lead to underperformance of a system. Regular checks ensure the system is operating at its maximum capacity and eliminates issues before they become problems. We stock replacement parts and have the test equipment and experience to know what to look for. If something goes wrong, we can get replacement parts quickly through our relationships with manufacturers and install them with maximum efficiency to maximize system uptime and power generation performance.

What do we offer?

• IV Curve testing of PV module performance

• Modules degradation assessment

• Comparison of predicted power output versus actual output

• AC Wiring inspection

• DC Wiring inspection for signs of rodents, UV degradation, pinching or wear

• Validation of the system grounding

• Automation of inverters start-up procedures in extreme weather conditions

• Roof-top racking inspection, including hardware torques and racking deterioration mitigation

• Ground-mounted racking inspection, including remediation of foundation problems

• Cleaning and snow removal

• Wind turbines operations and maintenance (greater than 1KW)