Edmonton Solar Incentive

Residential Solar Program in Edmonton is now open for applications. This exciting news was announced by The City of Edmonton Change Homes for Climate.

In addition to the Alberta Residential Solar Program, the City’s incentive will be paid at the rate of $0.15/W of installed capacity. When combined with the Alberta program, the City of Edmonton program funding limit will be either 50% of all eligible system costs or $6,500 per application, whichever limit is reached first.


Fr residential properties located within Edmonton municipal boundaries, the City program will utilize the same application process and eligibility criteria as Energy Efficiency Alberta program.


To demonstrate the new incentive economics, we would like to consider a 10KW roof-top solar system installed in Edmonton for $25,000. Under the Alberta Residential Solar Program the homeowner is eligible for 30% rebate of $7,500. In addition, the new City of Edmonton incentive will add $0.15/W or $1,500 rebate. The final cost of the system to the homeowner becomes $25,000 – $7,500 – $1,500 or $16,000 total, ignoring GST.


Stay tuned to learn if the new incentive allows grandfathering. Dandelion Renewables is currently working on several residential solar installations in Edmonton, funded by Alberta Residential Solar Program. For the systems that are not 100% complete, we hope we can secure the City’s grant approval for our customers.


Feel free to call us 780 566-3000 for the updates regarding the program or to schedule free site assessment.
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