We live in the society that is consistently taking natural resources out from our planet. While our energy consumption appetite continues growing, the natural processes cannot keep up with balancing out our environmental impact.

Often the well-being in our society is measured by the amount of the products we consume. To support our consumption habits we continue burning lots of fossil fuels and sometimes choose to fight with each other in order to secure the access to depleting natural resources. To avoid dealing with the consequences of our actions, we tend to find economic excuses and develop a “not in my backyard” attitude.

The founders of Dandelion Renewables were always concerned with the design flaws of our consumption-based society. Creation of Dandelion Renewables was the logical step for our beliefs and our skills to merge. The tremendous impact of our work inspires us to discover better energy choices that let us live sustainably in harmony with nature.

We can show to you the most cost-effective and rewarding opportunities in solar power, wind power and energy conservation. We are very excited to offer new solutions that not only reduce the environmental footprint, but also improve the bottom line of your personal finances or a business. That is true; in some cases the green opportunities yield as much as a practically risk-free 50% rate of return. In every project Dandelion Renewables quantifies and optimizes a number of opportunities to find the best ones that maximize your benefits.

Your choice and actions are vital for the long-term well-being of our planet, whether you replace a light bulb, install a PV on your roof, or just share your knowledge about energy alternatives with your friends.

We truly believe that by making intelligent choices and through our actions we can all together make a world a better and a cleaner place to live. Let the renewable energy and the conservation spread like dandelions!