Brazeau County, Alberta Modeste Creek Honey

Brazeau County, Alberta Modeste Creek Honey

Owners: Kari and Peter

Owner Comments

Rack mounted on top of shop.  Front 7 panels on one string (circuit) and the other 14 on another string. Estimated yearly production is 6 400 KWh.  Would like to have more, but limited by old 5kVA transformer.

Dandelion resources did a fantastic, cost effective, conscientious job installing the system and I have had no reservations enthusiastically recommending them to anyone who asks about my system. Mikhail set my mind to rest on any issue I may have brought up before, during and after the install.

Project Details

  • Operating Since: 2012-06-12
  • PV Cells: 21 Bosch c-Si M 60 240W Cells
  • DC Power Rating: 5 040W Grid Tied System (Fortis)
  • Inverter: Power One PVI-5000r
  • Power Monitor: eGuage
  • Solar supplies a newly built straw-bale house and a honey business operation

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