Dandelion Renewables has the expertise and equipment needed for ground-mounted solar PV systems installation. Since the company start our innovative approach to ground-mounted systems enabled us to complete many ground-mounted projects from Taber, AB to Ft Mcmurray and from BC to Saskatchewan.

Dandelion Renewables has not only been the sole solar contractor for ground-mounted projects, but has also partnered with other solar providers on past projects. These partnerships included a wide range of services such as full EPC solar project services, geotechnical testing foundation design, mechanical installation and feasibility studies.

Our company has a long-term experience working with driven piles for ground-mounted systems. Our installed piles have been standing firm in Alberta soil for the past 4 years. Moreover, we are building a database of geotechnical information about our ground-mount projects in Alberta, and our methodology for frost heave geotechnical analysis goes above and beyond the standards put out by the Alberta/Canadian Building Code. This puts us in a good position to offer engineering, procurement, and construction services in offer pile driving and structural racking for large-scale ground-mount solar PV projects.

pile-driving and mechanical installation for ground-mount solar systems | Dandelion Renewables