Solar-powered carport could be a great option if a homeowner:

  • needs a shelter for the car, or
  • is concerned with high prices on new garage construction in Alberta, or
  • has limitations from municipal regulations or fire safety considerations, or
  • plans to purchase a plug-in EV in the future.

Solar carport will generate for a homeowner electricity for many years to come. For a city home with an average annual power consumption a double car carport can generate as much as a household consumes over the year. That means, throughout a year the solar carport can offset 100% the power bill energy charge.
In addition to the long-term savings on the power bill, a solar carport will also provide plenty of natural ventilation for your car. More ventilation protects your car in the long-term from moisture and rust.

Finally, consider that the cost of the carport structure with a turn-key solar power installation is currently on par with a cost of a new garage construction. Combined with the mentioned long-term benefits, solar power carports become a good alternative for garages in Alberta.

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